hiccups-home-remedyHiccups are one of the most common body functions that all of us experience. Hiccups are reflex action, it means they are involuntary and have no control by us. It is caused by the contraction in diaphragm muscles which divides the chest and stomach.

Usually hiccups are fade away in half an hour or more but if you want to get rid of hiccups quite early, then here are many home remedies and tips that you can follow.

Causes of Hiccups:

Hiccups are generally caused by irritation in diaphragm controlling nerves. The other factors that can induce hiccups are

  • Eating too fast and not chewing food thoroughly
  • Nervousness or extreme excitement
  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Eating hot spicy food
  • Lung infection or kidney disorder can also cause hiccups
  • Heartburn or acid reflux

Home remedy for Hiccups:

There are many natural home remedies and tips that can give you quick relief from hiccups.


A simple home remedy for treating hiccups quickly is drinking one or two sips of water frequently in sort durations. Gargling with lukewarm water can also give you relief from hiccups. Another good option will be adding few small pieces of ice in water then drink it.


Taking deep breath during hiccups is also beneficial. Breath in slowly as much as you can. Keep taking breath in until you can hold no more breath. Then start breathing out slowly. You will gradually feel reduction in hiccups frequency as well as intensity. Some experts say that breathing in a paper bag can also provide relief from hiccups because increase in carbon di oxide in the bag makes the body to take deeper breaths.


Take a bowl half filled with curd and add half tbsp of salt in it. Eat this mixture to get rid of hiccups.


It is a well known home remedy for hiccups caused by eating spicy food. Take a tsp of sugar and lick it slowly. You can also use honey in place of sugar. Any sweat thing that overwhelms the mouth with sweet flavour can be helpful to stop hiccups.


Take 5-6 crushed green cardamoms in two cup of water and boil it. Let the water to evaporate and then cool the solution. Drink the lukewarm water. It is highly effective home remedy for hiccups because it soothes the irritation in diaphragms.


Experts say that chewing small piece of ginger can stop hiccups.

Diverting mind:

Another simple method to get rid of hiccups is diverting your mind to somewhere else.

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