garlicGarlic is one of the most beneficial foods that contain many health benefits. It has been used for centuries. It has some pungent smell and can cause foul breath, but the health benefits that it provide is enough to overlook odor problem. Garlic belongs to onion family and contains many therapeutic benefits.

Garlic was worshiped by Egyptians for its health benefits. It is told that builders of pyramid used to eat garlic daily to increase their endurance.

Garlic is an excellent herb for maintaining overall health of the body. One of the health benefits of garlic is its effectiveness in curing acidity. Taking raw garlic is recommended by doctors for prevention of acidity.

Alicin a compound found in the garlic is helpful in healing. It is also used in the treatment of intestine warms. Alicin is also useful in reducing the acid. There are garlic tablets available, but they don’t contain large amount of alicin so it is advised to eat raw garlic if you are suffering from acidity.


You should be careful about taking too much garlic as it may cause some inconvenience in the digestive tract. The acidity may be symptoms of some terrible illness so be careful before taking this treatment as it may hide the real problem.

If you experience difficulty in taking raw garlic, you can mix it with applesauce to make it tempting. Raw garlic is extremely bitter and burn your taste of mouth but burning sensation last only for few seconds but its benefits lasts much longer.

There are many other benefits of garlic. Because of its medicinal values somebody has rightly said:

“March and garlic in May - Then the rest of the year, your doctor can play”

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