back-pain.jpgMany people suffer from Back pain but still they do not give it importance and do not go for a proper diagnosis or treatment. back pain is common in both men and women. Also It is common to all age groups, but it is more frequent in old age. The main cause of this ailment is wrong postures and hectic lifestyle.


Causes Of Back Pain:

Back pain is one of humanity's most frequent complaints and it is most common excuse for absence from work. In US it is 5th most common problem for visiting a physician.
It occurs due to the damage in back muscles and ligaments. The damage may be due to incorrect sitting and standing posture for a long time. Some time of work like lifting weight gives strain to back muscles and may lead to back pain. Obese people are more prone to back pain compared to thin people.
In some cases, a slipped disc in the spine may cause back pain. Spine related diseases like arthritis can lead to its occurrence.The curvature of the spine(scoliosis) may also be a culprit for back pain.
Back pain does not usually require immediate medical intervention but in an immensely painful condition, which unless not treated, may result in medical emergency and complete immobility of a person.

Symptoms Of Back Pain:

  • Back pain is characterized by a sharp pain in the back area. The buttocks and lower back part of the body are the most affected area.

  • Feeling stiffness and difficulty in bending is another sign.
  • Back pain after a trauma like car accident or fall indicates a bone fracture or other injury
  • A slipped disc also cause back pain and may lead to sciatica. It can be extremely painful for the victim.
  • Back pain, if left untreated, can cause weight loss and digestive problems

How To get relief from Back Pain:

  1. Overweight people who sit slouched on their chairs for a long time are more prone to Back pain so avoid sitting on chair for long time.
  2. You should know proper posture to sit, stand, weight lift and sleep otherwise improper posture may lead to back pain.
  3. Don't hesitate to medical help to find a remedy if the problem persists.Seeking medical help in the early stages makes sure that the relief comes faster.
  4. The application of alternate cold and hot compresses on the afflicted body area can help in mitigating pain.
  5. Massage Therapy from an expert, can provide short term relief.

How To Stop it From Happening:

You must sticks to some basic health care rules if you want to avoid recurrence of back pain.

  1. You should adopt good postures at workplace.
  2. exercise like swimming and cycling aid in recuperating from a back injury.
  3. Sports like golf can strain the back so avoid if you are suffering from back pain.
  4. Yoga practicing is very helpful in reducing back pain.
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