Boils are a common skin infection which we all face somewhere in our life. The boils appear on the skin due to infection in hair follicles. Though it is not much harmful,but the pain and unsightly appearance of boils irritate a lot. They start with a small painless red spot,but overnight they turn into painful swollen bump. They can appear in any part of the body, but most favorite areas of boils are face, armpits, shoulders and buttocks.

Causes of boils:

Boils are the result of bacterial infection usually the staphylococcal bacteria. These bacteria enter in the body through tiny cuts and reaches to hair follicles where they colonize and causes boils. Staphylococcal bacteria are not the only cause of boils. There are many other things that my evolve into development of boils on the skin. These includes:

  1. Toxicity in the blood stream can cause boils.
  2. People suffering from diabetes are prone to develops boils often.
  3. Poor hygiene is another cause of boils development.
  4. Improper diet, poor nutrition and weak immunity can also cause boils.

Symptoms of boils:

Generally boils start with a harmless, slight painful red dot on the skin which transform into hard painful lump in a day. In few days, this lump becomes softer but more painful and in a bigger size. A pocket of white yellowish puss form over the boil very soon. Multiple boils can appear near the infected skin. Lymph node may become swollen in response to body immune system. You may experience mild fever during this period.

Natural Tips to Cure Boils:

  1. Garlic and onion are well known home remedy for boils. Extract the juice of garlic or onion and spread over the boil. The juice helps in early ripen the boil and removing the pus.
  2. Create a paste by mixing one tsp of milk cream, one tsp of vinegar and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this paste gently over boils.
  3. Make a thick paste by adding cornmeal in a half cup of water. Apply this paste over affected skin for every 2-3 hours. The absorptive property of cornmeal take out the pus and helps in healing the boil.
  4. Egg white can also be useful in treatment of boil. Take the white part of boiled egg and apply it over the boils.
  5. Applying warm compresses over the boils help in reducing the pain. It also helps in drawing out the pus at surface.
  6. Never squeeze the boil as it may spread the infection in nearby skin.
  7. Make a thick paste of cumin seeds with water and apply it over the affected skin and leave it there for overnight.
  8. Turmeric is also an efficient home remedy for treatment of boils. Take few roots of turmeric and roast it to its ashes. Make a thick paste by mixing the ash with water and apply it over boils.

You can follow these natural tips to cure boils. Healing of boils naturally takes time depending upon the severity of boils. If you have developed swollen lymph nodes or mild fever, don’t hesitate in seeking medical help.

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Sandra Hall

Posted on: 29.08.2013 07:11

I appreciate what you have here. I have learned a lot regarding This is surely helpful not only to me but also to many people out there who are suffering from boils. Keep this up!


Posted on: 11.06.2014 10:05

Nice homemade ideas are given in this blog to get rid of boil. Thanks for providing such useful information.


Posted on: 18.06.2014 08:56

Great.. A typical treatment for boils is the heat application, with the aid of hot packs or hot soaks. This improves the circulation, and the body is capable to combat the infection better by carrying the white blood cells and antibodies to the contamination site.


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