buy-epilatorIf you want to remove unwanted hair from some part of your body, epilators can be a solution for you. Epilators are mechanical devices, which are used to remove hair from the different part of the body. Using epilator for removing hair has some benefit as well as weakness. It can be painful at the first-time use as it removes hair from the root.

The marvellous thing is you can free from your unwanted hair within minutes. Tradition hair removal with razor make the skin black and some time result in razor burn. The another method waxing is very time consuming so if you want quick hair removal, epilator can be a pleasant option for you.

If you have made you mind for buying epilator for hair removal, here are some tips for you before purchase:

Type of epilator:

Epilator comes in different kind of inbuilt mechanism like rotating spiral wire, rotating disks or multiple tweezers to remove hair. There is not much difference in these models, but if you are already using a certain type of epilator and used to it, then you can stick with such type of epilator. Also, epilator work effectively on flat areas like arms and legs but less effective on curvy areas like face as well as underarms. Removing hair from these areas can be more painful if your epilator is not designed for these areas.

Power option:

Some epilators come with cord for power supply and some rely on batteries. Some epilators offer both options, so you don't need to recharge your batteries every time or buy another one. If you are a frequent traveler, then you should avoid epilator which only run through a power cord as they are not portable.

Variable speed:

Some epilator come with variable-speed attribute, which may be convenient for removing hair from the different part of the body. Hair thickness as well as skin sensitivity varies throughout your body, so adjustable speed type of epilator, can be extremely helpful. For thick and non sensitive areas, you can set epilator at high speed and for sensitive area, adjust it at low speed.

Pain relief:

Some epilators have skin guard option built in. If you are going to use epilator for sensitive areas of your body, you can choose these types of epilators. Some epilators use inbuilt cooling and massaging mechanism to reduce the pain, which arises during plucking of hair.


You should also look for the accessories that different brands are providing with their model. One of such accessories is cleaning brush which is used to remove trapped hair between the wheels of epilator. Some epilators include interchangeable head where an epilator shaving device can be fitted. This can be useful for those areas where you don’t want to use epilator and instead prefer shaving. These extra features can cost you few more bucks than normal epilator.

Price and money back guarantee:

You should always give price second consideration because once purchased, they work for many years. Buying some cheap epilator can be hazardous to your skin so always choose some branded epilator like Braun, Philips, Enjoi and Babyliss. Some company gives money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. But remember that in first run of epilator there will always be little suffering, which ceases gradually with regular use.

These are some tips you should consider before buying an epilator.

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