flat-ironHaving long and straight hair is what everybody wants but some people are not lucky enough to have natural straight hair. For such persons having straight hair is just like an imagination. But now a day getting straight hair is not difficult at all. So imagine you could get long straight hair and well, it is very much possible with the help of hair straightening tools. If you have decided to use these tools then this article could be useful for you to choose right kind of product for your hair.


Plate type:

Flat irons uses two plates for making your hair straight. These plates can be made of  ceramic, metal. Ceremic type of plates are advantageous for hair as they promise less heat damage to hair. Some flat iron comes with metal plates coated with ceramic. These are more affordable than pure ceramic plate but having pure ceramic plate is a nice option for hair as it diffuses heat evenly in hair.
You can also look for titanium plates. They are usually durable than ceramic plates and have longer life. Another type of plate in the market is Tourmaline plates. They are expensive, but helps in locking the moisture in hair.


You should always remember that flat iron is one-time investment for many years. So you should not purchase any cheap hair straightener. A decent hair straightener will cost you in between $100-150. Plan before buying a flat iron, that fits your need and budget.


It is always better to have a light weight iron than heavy one. It will produce less weight on your hand during hair straightening process.

Type of hair:

You should always get flat iron based on your hair type. If you have long or curly hair, flat irons with large plate will be useful for you. For normal and slight wavy hair, smaller plates are suitable.

Temperature level:

The iron must contain adjustable temperature. Thin hair require less temperature than normal hair otherwise become damaged due to heat.

These are some basic tips that you should keep in mind before purchasing a new flat iron.

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