Yearning to make your hair healthy, silky and shiny? Have you tried a lot of hair products but could not get the effect that you are longing for? Are you tired of market synthetic hair products that are continuously damaging your hair and now you are searching for a natural alternative for making your hair lustrous. The solution is right in your home, or more precisely in your refrigerator..Yes, I am talking about egg which has stunning feature to make your hair look like celebrities.

Benefits Of Egg:

Raw egg is highly concentrated stock of lots of proteins, vitamins and nutrients. It works like natural conditioner, which fulfills the protein and nutrients requirements of your hair and results in smooth shiny and healthy hair. The fatty acid present in egg fight with dandruff and its natural moisturizing effects do wonders with dry and damaged hair. Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, D and E, which help in preventing hair loss, at the same time, they protect hair from pollution and UV rays.

How to use egg:


Raw egg has enough potential to function like a conditioner. It contains a generous amount of nutrient that your hair need. But some people love to add additional ingredient to get better conditioner. You can add lemon juice or olive oil to enhance its capability.

To use an egg is exceedingly straightforward. You just need to break the egg in the middle, and take out its core (egg-white and egg-yolk). Mix the two components thoroughly and apply on hair and scalp. If you have long hair, you can use a brush to spread egg all over hair. Keep the egg stay on your hair for around 15 minutes and wash off the egg. You can use your regular shampoo to clean it further. You can apply this technique weekly to see the spectacular results.


You should always remember to use only cold water for washing off egg as warm water may cook egg partially making it difficult to wash off.

Potential of egg-hair treatment:

Best part of using egg as a conditioner is that there is nothing to worry about as an egg is a natural source of nutrient and does wonders with your hair naturally. The only draw back is egg odour, which you can, overcome by rinsing hair properly. The results will be strong, thick, shiny and more manageable hair at your doors. So why wait.. Try it.

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Great post, great idea....there is so much we can do for our hair to keep it healthy and beautiful!


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