thick-hair-shampooWhen you look for hair care products in the market, you will see mass of hair care products available. Each of these products is designed for a certain hair problem and for specific hair type. Hair thickening shampoo is one of these products that claim to make your thick. Hair thinning is a common problem that frustrate most of women in the world and that makes you buy the hair thickening shampoo.

Most of these hair thickening shampoos doesn’t work as you expected and result in total waste of your money and further frustration.

How Hair Thickening Shampoo Works:

Before buying any hair thickening shampoo, you should know what a hair thickening shampoo does with your hair. Shampoos are made to remove dirt and oil from your hair as well as scalp. This makes the space between each strand widen. Hair thickening shampoos plump each strand of hair so that it occupies more space and that makes hair look thicker. Our hair is made mostly of protein so most of these effective hair thickening shampoos are protein based.

Protein fortifies the outer layer of hair and makes it thicker. The other component for making hair thicker is moisture. Moisture makes the hair strands expand and thus thickens the hair. To attract moisture, most hair thickening products contain Panthenol a form of Vitamin B5, which penetrates in the hair and attracts moisture.

Tips to Buy Hair Thickening Shampoo:

  1. First thing you should do before buying any beauty or hair care product is to do extensive research. You should always choose branded products, as they are more reliable. Cheap hair care products can do more damage to your hair than any good.
  2. Read reviews of hair thickening shampoos on websites. There are many websites, which provided reviews from end users. These reviews can help you in deciding whether a product is effective or not.
  3. Before buying a hair thickening shampoo, you must determine if it is designed for your hair type or not.
  4. Look for the active ingredients of the shampoo and what are they supposed to do with your hair. Search on the websites for these ingredients if they are really effective and without doing any hair damage.
  5. Look for other added ingredients like vitamins, botanical extracts and amino acids that add sparkle, elasticity, life and moisture to the hair.

These are few tips you must consider before buying a hair thickening shampoo else you may end up in losing your hard earned money.

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