Are you frustrated with your greasy hair? Does it playing chaos on your hair style and making look of your hair dirty? The greasy hair required frequent washing as well as shampooing of hair but if you are tired of it and wish for some other way to tackle this problem, this article is for you.

Cause of Greasy Hair:

Greasy hair is basically the excessive accumulation of sebum from the sebaceous glands over the hair strands and scalp. The primary role of sebum is to lubricate and waterproof hair strands and skin. The excessive production of sebum which is very common in teenagers during puberty, make the hair sticky and feel like grease. The greasy hair attracts more dirt from the environment, making the condition worse. The most common solution is to wash the hair with shampoo but there are some other measures which you can take to tackle this problem if you don't want to wash your hair.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Without Washing:

  1. Take some corn-starch in a bowl and mix it with baking soda and table salt. You can also add crushed lavender leaves in this mixture. Make your hair tangle free using a comb and then apply this mixture over your hair gradually, evenly and thoroughly with the help of a brush. This mixture is very effective in removing the greasy from the hair.

  2. You can also try out baby powder on your hair. Spread some baby powder over your hair and it will absorb grease from the hair but remember, you don’t want to show powder on your hair, do you? So apply just a small amount.
  3. Instead of baby powder, you can also try dry oats, rice flour or baking powder. Brushing is the main factor determines the effectiveness of these methods. Brushing is important for thoroughly spread of powder on your hair to absorb oil and grease. Also further brushing is required for removal of powder, when work is done.
  4. Use of hair dryer can make the hair feel less greasy but it is not advisable as it damage hair.
  5. There are some commercial dry shampoos available in the market that can be applied on your hair to get rid of this problem. Because traces of white powder sometimes left behind on your hair, give unpleasant look, manufacturer now produce powder in different shades and you can choose any one that matches with your hair color.

These are few simple tips which you can use in some special cases when you don't want to wash your hair but want to get rid of grease badly.

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