Diabetes is a medical condition in which glucose level of blood increases.  The glucose level in the body is maintained with the help of a hormone called insulin. This insulin is produced in pancreas and helps in breaking glucose into energy by body cells.


Do you know which hormone is responsible for the sexual development of your body? It is extremely beneficial to have a fair idea about this hormone, and its role in your body as it can help in bringing down the sexual disorders of your body. Testosterone is the hormone which plays a key role in the sexual health of male body and low level of this hormone not only degrade you sexual health but also cause other health disorders like osteoporosis.


If you are reading this article, then you may have already applied all your tactics to stop snoring with no results. Are you worried of complaints of your family members which are not able to sleep peacefully and look dull in morning? Snoring is certainly nuisance for your family member except you.


Blood pressure has become common in our fast paced lifestyle these days.  Studies say that about one in three people has high-blood pressure in America. It is also known as “Silent-Killer” because people have it without knowing it and to the long run it has a detrimental effect on our health. It is more related to our lifestyle and minor changes in our lifestyle can bring the blood pressure at a normal level.


We all know that exercise is extremely necessary to maintain body lean and fit. It makes muscles of the body strong and keeps the internal organs in healthy condition. Exercise helps in burning the extra fat from your body thus keeps you in well shape.


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