Emphysema is a lung disorder which gradually and progressively destroys the normal function of lungs. It damages the lung tissues over time which hampers the normal oxygen exchange in the lungs and makes the quality of life miserable.


Cold is one of the most common and frequently occurring diseases especially in children. It is a great excuse for anybody for absenteeism from the job. Children suffer from common cold around 8-12 times in a year, while an adult generally develop cold 2-3 times in a year. The reason is the less developed immunity of children compared to adults.


When we talk about fruits, we think about something that is very nutritious and beneficial for health. But what about fruit snacks? A fruit snack is sort of processed fruit which can be consumed as traditional snacks. Fruits go through many processing steps like air drying, vacuum frying, freeze drying or sun drying before changing into fruit snacks.


There are many things that we do, knowingly or unknowingly after a meal that are bad for the digestion. For taking the full advantage of the food that we have just consumed, we must know what not to do after a meal. There are many things that we heard like walk after a meal is very important but does it really true? We are going to investigate about these saying and see whether it is a fact or fiction.


Believe it or not, growing taller is one of the wishes that many kids and teenagers yearn for. Height is one of the most important factors that our society set in determining a person personality.A good height not only makes a person attractive and beautiful, but it also increases self-confidence.


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