acidity-signsHeartburn or commonly known as acidity is very common problem now a day. It is not connected with heart disease but a common stomach problem.  The problem occurs when amount of acid produced in the stomach, to break down food, goes beyond the limit. It causes a burning sensation in the stomach.


Symptoms of acidity:

There are many symptoms of acidity some of which you may experience or some signs you may not. These symptoms include:

  • The most common symptom of acidity is chest pain. The extra acid in the stomach leak up to the esophagus and causes irritation and chest pain.  Taking highly acidic and spicy food is the leading cause of heartburn. Overeating facilitates leaking of acid to esophagus so always take light and healthy food.
  • Another sign of acidity is the feeling of food coming out of the stomach and reaching up to mouth. It causes a lot of irritation.
  • You may experience difficulty in swallowing if your stomach is filled with extra acid. Dry cough and breathing difficulty may also be the outcome of acidity.
  • You may experience dryness in your throat.
  • Sometime poor digestion results in acidity and you feel salty or alkaline taste in your mouth.
  • Sometime you may notice that the food is trapped inside the chest bone.
  • Formation of ulcer in the esophagus or pain in ears can also be the result of acidity.
  • Gas formation in the stomach is also indication of acidity.

These are some common symptoms of acidity. The most common cause of acidity is consuming junk and spicy food which increases the acid in the stomach and results in these symptoms. Avoid over-eating, consume small meals as it helps in digestion. Avoid taking hot milk if you are suffering from acidity.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:59

My problem started when my family went out for a week and during that time I was free to eat anything. I ate too much oily n heavy food. now i m getting slight irritation in my upper portion of chest, and when I swallow food, it hurts in my foodpipe. Is this acidity problem?


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:59

Is the problem still there with you. If you are still having such problem, I will suggest you to consult a doctor


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