snoringIf you are reading this article, then you may have already applied all your tactics to stop snoring with no results. Are you worried of complaints of your family members which are not able to sleep peacefully and look dull in morning? Snoring is certainly nuisance for your family member except you.

It will be most bothersome to your spouse sleeping next to you in bed. If you don’t do something about snoring, it may cause to your spouse losing sleep continuously, and it may lead to other health problems.

Why people snore?

Snoring is common in people who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. In this medical condition, the upper air passage of patient contracts due to excessive relaxation of these muscles and result in snoring during respiration. This causes lower breath and reduce oxygenation of blood and the process continuous till brain sense this situation disturb the sleep. The whole cycle may continue all over the night, and disruption of breathing and sleep make sleeper extremely tired during day time.

Health problem due to snoring:

Due to disrupted sleep in the night, these people always feel sleepiness in morning. This behavior adversely affects performance and respect at the work place.

Studies also show that these patients have greater chances of heart attack. Symptoms like headache, short-term memory are also common in these people. These people found lacking in concentration and more likely to road accidents than a normal person.

How to stop snoring:

  1. If you are overweight, reduce it. Because the extra fat deposited in your air passage further narrow down the path way and facilitate in snoring.
  2. There are some snoring sleep aids which helps in reduce snoring.
  3. Smoking also plays some role in clogging your throat so avoid smoking if you are suffering from snoring problems.
  4. Do exercise to tone your throat muscles. This will assist in reducing extra fat from your throat and finally it will lead to lower snoring.
  5. Practice singing. It will help in toning your throat muscles.
  6. Always use thin pillow as mossy pillows can stretch your air passage and increase the chances of snoring.
  7. Try to sleep on your side rather than sleeping on back. Sleeping on back create a possibility for the tongue to block airway.
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