high-blood-pressureBlood pressure has become common in our fast paced lifestyle these days.  Studies say that about one in three people has high-blood pressure in America. It is also known as “Silent-Killer” because people have it without knowing it and to the long run it has a detrimental effect on our health. It is more related to our lifestyle and minor changes in our lifestyle can bring the blood pressure at a normal level.


What is High Blood pressure:

Our heart is an organ which works continuously throughout our life without taking any rest.  It pumps blood through our arteries to the different part of our body for supplying nutrients and oxygen. If the pressure, at which heart is pumping blood rise above the normal range, we call it as High Blood pressure.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure:

The bad part of High Blood pressure is that it has no symptoms. That is why it is known as a silent killer. But there are some physical symptoms that are considered to have an association with High blood pressure. These symptoms include Headache, sleepiness, fatigue, nose bleeding, blurred vision and confusion.

Risks of High Blood Pressure:

Increased blood pressure may damage to our internal organs like brain, kidney, eyes and Heart. If the High blood pressure situation is not treated, it may lead to kidney and heart failure. Continuous high blood pressure may cause swelling in the brain that may lead to drowsiness and coma.

Lifestyle changes to normalize Blood Pressure:

You can do some minor changes in your lifestyle to control high-blood pressure. These changes in lifestyle include-

  1. If you are suffering from obesity, try to reduce your weight as any extra weight increases the chances of high-blood pressure.
  2. Stop taking nicotine either by smoking or by chewing tobacco as nicotine contracts the blood vessels and force the heart to pump blood at higher pressure.
  3. Reduce the sodium intake to your body. Sodium can raise blood pressure, so it is also advised to reduce salt intake.
  4. Regular gentle exercise, yoga and meditation, is helpful in reducing high-blood pressure.
  5. Limit drinking alcohol, as it also increases blood pressure.
  6. Avoid eating heavy, greasy, oily food and include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet.
  7. Always remember that your mood also affect the blood pressure so stay calm and avoid stress. You can join yoga and meditation classes to manage stress and emotions.
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Posted on: 16.02.2014 09:48

Very simple but effective methods listed for BP control. There should be no problem following the listed points. I strongly believe that blood pressure medications should be the last resort to treat hypertension unless one is in the hypertensive emergency zone.


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