breakfastMorning breakfast is an essential activity that is highly necessary for our health. You should never miss your breakfast as it provides primary drive to tackle all the problems you are going to face throughout the day. But it is also extremely valuable to understand that what should be taken in the morning breakfast.

There are many foods which you think  advantageous for health, but actually hey are junk food. Here, are some mistakes that we usually make:


Cereal that we usually take, drown with milk, may be unsuitable for us. Cereals made with refined grains contain little or no fiber at the same time contains a whole lot of sugar. These types of cereals are harmful for health. You should always opt cereals that are high in fiber content and less in sugar content for your daily breakfast. Whole-grain cereals reduce the risk of gaining weight while refined-grain cereals do not provide such health benefits.


Sausage that we usually use with our breakfast are also not suitable for our health. They contain a lot of saturated fat. They also contain some form of nitrite as a preservative which many people are allergic. If you are not active person, these saturated fats will raise various health risks in the long run.

Muffins and bagels:

Muffins that you pick up from your favorite bakery shop contains a lot of calories. Though they taste immensely enjoyable, but soon you will be hungry  and desire for more. They contain high fat and carbohydrates. Using butter and cream with muffing is an excellent way to ruin your health and gain quick weight.


Using butter in your daily breakfast helps you in gaining the weight. It comes from animal milk and contains a lot of saturated fat. Though butter contains many vitamins and minerals, yet if you are not active person and have obesity problems, you should avoid butter daily.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:58

Breakfast it is very important because after a night of sleep where we lose water from transpiration we need to restore the body with liquids (mainly water) and eat a healthy meal. First thing to do is drink water. Not orange juice but free and clear water. For Breakfast is good to have wholemeal cereals with skimmed milk or low fat yogurt, or fruit with yogurt.


Posted on: 04.03.2013 19:26

Great list of things to avoid! Breakfast is my favorite meal and while it's easy to grab a muffin & go, I love starting my day off with a healthy, high vibing meal!

Thanks for sharing!

JoLynn Braley
The F.A.T. Release Coach


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