bad-breathHave you noticed that lately people are avoiding and moving away as soon as you start a conversation face to face? If yes then this may be because of the bad breath. Bring your handkerchief in front of your mouth and breathe out. Check out the smell of tissue and if it smells bad then clearly you  have foul breath. Keep in mind that  foul breath is not only evidence of poor hygiene,  but also it is unfavorable to your social circle.


Reason behind unpleasant breath:

  • There are some food like onion and garlic have unusually pungent smell. If you are eating food rich in these ingredients, you eventually end up in bad smell.
  • Improper cleaning of tongue and teeth also result in bad breath. Make sure to brush your teeth and clean your tongue before and after bed. Don't allow bacteria stay in your mouth.
  • Chewing tobacco also results in poor breath.
  • Bad breath can also be the result of some disease in the stomach or respiratory route.
  • Poor digestion can also cause foul breath

Tips to avoid unpleasant breath:

  • Brush your teeth properly two times each day.
  • Floss your mouth properly to avoid and leftover food in mouth.
  • Reduce intake of spicy food as they have unusually pungent smell.
  • use mint or gum to avoid bad breath.
  • Dry mouth also leads to foul breath due to a favorable environment for anaerobic bacteria. So always breathe through your nose, to avoid mouth dryness.
  • Drink plenty of water. It makes unpleasant conditions for bad-breathing bacteria Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoke as they cause bad breath
  • If the problem persists seek a doctor
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