things-to-avoid-after-mealThere are many things that we do, knowingly or unknowingly after a meal that are bad for the digestion. For taking the full advantage of the food that we have just consumed, we must know what not to do after a meal. There are many things that we heard like walk after a meal is very important but does it really true? We are going to investigate about these saying and see whether it is a fact or fiction.


We are all aware that smoking is very dangerous for the good health but what it does if we smoke after taking a meal? Actually smoking makes the Irritable Bowl Symptoms and colitis symptoms worse. Some studies reveal that smoking after a meal is 10 times worse than normal smoking. Anyway, whether it is true or not, you should avoid smoking after a meal.

Eating Fruits:

Eating fruits is recommended by everyone but eating fruits just after a meal is actually a bad idea. Fruits contain simple sugar which is easily digested and then fruit is passed to intestine from stomach within 20-30 minutes. When you take fruit with meal, they remain stuck in the stomach along with meal and start deteriorating which cause stomach bloated with air. You should always avoid fruits one hour before and after the meal.

Drinking Tea:

Though drinking small quantity of tea is beneficial because it contain anti-oxidants which is helpful for body to fight against aging.

But again, drinking tea after a meal is not recommended as it contains polyphenols and tannins like components which weaken the body ability to absorb iron from food. Also the acid content of tea makes the absorption of protein harder.

Taking A Bath:

Taking bath change the body temperature which increases the blood flow circulation near the skin to maintain body temperature. Digestion of food requires energy so a good amount of flow towards the stomach is needed. When we take a bath after a meal, the blood supply to the stomach decreases due to diversion of blood towards skin and thus digestion process suffers.


It is common saying that walking after a meal is very important as it helps in digestion of food but actually it is not true. Walking immediately after a meal is a bad idea and can result in acid reflux or indigestion. But the studies say that walking after 30 minutes post meal is a good way to burn calories.


Sleeping immediately after taking a meal is a bad idea and not recommended. Sleeping after a meal is linked with obesity and must be avoided. Also, lying down after a meal causes some of digestive juice flow from stomach to food pipe which result in burning sensation.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:53

nice piece of information. Though I have read these facts somewhere else, but it was not explained why we should avoid these things.

shambhu sharma

Posted on: 10.02.2014 05:57

Very useful suggestion.i will apply and trying to do so to others good wishers.

Shariful Islam

Posted on: 26.07.2015 08:16

Very important tips. I must apply. Thank you very much.


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