height-growthBelieve it or not, growing taller is one of the wishes that many kids and teenagers yearn for. Height is one of the most important factors that our society set in determining a person personality.A good height not only makes a person attractive and beautiful, but it also increases self-confidence.

Large fraction of population is unhappy with their height and finds them at disadvantage compared to others with good height. Height generally develops for a person from infancy to 18-21 years, but it is not that you cannot increase your height after 18 years. There are many methods to increase your height naturally. Here are some tips to grow your height naturally.


Exercise is one of the most effective and natural way to increase your height. But before starting exercise, you must know the exercises those are beneficial for increasing your height. Most of our height comes from legs and spine so the exercises that involve stretching of legs or spine are very effective in adding few bits of height in your body.


You can also opt for yoga to increase your height. There are many postures known as asans in Yoga that stretch and make your body flexible, at the same time grow your height.

Yoga has become very famous all over the world but before trying out on your own, you should look for Yoga classes in your area. If not possible, then go for online videos or Yoga books.


Diet is another important factor that plays a key role in increasing your height. There are chances that your height is not increasing because of the deficiency of proper nutrients like calcium. You should check up with your doctor to find out the reason behind your short height. Sometimes short height result from genetic problems and in this case, even your doctor can not do much. But in most of the cases, your doctor can tell you some diet plans or suggest some exercise that can boost your height naturally.


It is said that the hormones that regulate your body growth and sexual maturity are released while you are asleep so it is very important especially for teenagers to take enough sleep daily about minimum 8 hours. Sleeping with good posture like stretching your legs and keeping them straight is beneficial in increasing your height.

These are some natural tips that you should follow if you want to increase your height. Remember that height growth is a very slow process and you cannot see the results in one or two days. Make the above mentioned tips as your habit to get the best results.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:54

plz help me get taller i Wish i was 4 inches taller


Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:54

Nice and very interesting. Thank you for your sharing...........

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