colon-hydrotherapyColonic therapy is part of widespread medical treatment contingent that suffers from ‘quack’ syndrome. That is, despite medical proof there are those that think the practice is entirely worthless. Certain assumptions about the practice leave much of the public fearful of its benefits. Here are three myths about colon hydrotherapy and the truths about the theories.

Myth #1 - It Hurts!

It’s your day off? I have a great idea. Why don’t you pay someone to shove a tube up your bum and squirt some water in there to extract excrement? Sounds fun, right? It’s understandable why a lot of people assume that colon hydrotherapy is a painful, painful process.

The fact is: it is quite soothing. The tube is actually only the size of a pencil. You’ll hardly feel it. As far as the water insertion, it’s not shot into you like a high-pressured fire hose, but rather gravity fed. The water is temperature-controlled and super-purified. Lay back, let the therapist do the work, and the experience can be as relaxing as a deep-tissue massage. The purpose is to flush toxins from the body, leaving you with an elevated sense of health and wellness.

Myth #2 - its Addictive!

As if this common medical practice was crack cocaine or crystal meth, several people believe that colon therapy is addictive--that once started, one must rely on the procedure for regular bowel function. False. False. False. Yes, certain conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or chronic constipation can affect your number of bowel movements. And yes, these conditions are treatable through colon therapy. But, your body doesn’t remain dependent on the therapy. Instead, the natural cycles that should occur in your digestive system start occurring regularly again.

Myth #3 - its Dangerous

As with any medical procedure, the process has a tiny risk. But, Chicago Colonic Center, and other reputable colonic therapists do everything they can to ensure a risk-free, impeccably clean and healthy environment. The tubing is disposable, and what’s more is the intake water tubes and the outtake waste tubes never interact. Again, the purpose here is to cleanse you, not reintroduce harmful bacteria into your body. This is a centuries-old practice that has only continued to improve with medical advancements.

Colonic therapy can, indeed, be a wonderful way to cleanse your inner self and head down the path of health and wellness.

Perhaps, however, you’re a colonics rookie and the question is not ‘what if...’ but just ‘what?’. We’ve included the answers to a few common questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colon Therapy

Here are few frequently asked questions that you should know about colon hydrotherapy

1. What is colonic therapy?

Colonics is the process of pushing warm purified water into your colon through a sterile disposable tube. The goal is to soften the gnarly hard waste that’s built up over time by undigested foods. So, the fluids sit inside your digestive tract for a few minutes and then, the liquids, along with the built-up waste and accompanying toxins are flushed out of your body.

2. Why is the colon so important?

In your body there are four major organs of elimination: your colon, your kidneys, your lungs and your skin. Of those, the colon reigns and is the first place you want to start with any cleanse. There are also two secondary organs of elimination: your lymph and your liver.

3. Is colonic therapy regulated?

While there is internal industry regulation via the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy, colonics are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Thus, proving or disproving the claims of colonic health care providers is at the discretion of the individual consumer.

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