appendicitis-symptomsAnytime a person has sharp pain in his or her stomach one of the first thoughts they might have is “do I have appendicitis?” Appendicitis occurs when the appendix becomes inflamed. Since appendicitis can be deadly if the appendix burst it is no wonder that it is a fear of many people.

Severe abdominal pain complaints make up around 10% of emergency room visits. Occurring usually in people between 10 and 30 years of age, appendicitis is a very scary medical emergency. Below is a list of the top 10 symptoms of appendicitis.

Stomach pain

Having pain usually dull in nature near the upper abdomen, or navel that sharpens as it moves to the lower right abdomen is usually one of the first signs of appendicitis. The pain brought on by appendicitis can increase in intensity very rapidly.

Chills and Low-Grade Fever

The combined symptoms of stomach pain and fever are classic examples of the symptoms of appendicitis. These symptoms also mimic closely a stomach bug, which leads to confusion in diagnosis in some patients.

Loss of Appetite, Vomiting, Nausea

This does not consist of projectile vomiting, however these signs of appendicitis are still very unpleasant. Having a few days of low appetite, mild nausea, and vomiting, that does not go away and is combined with abdominal pain makes up one of the most recognized symptoms of appendicitis.


Mild diarrhea especially if it contains mucus. As with the other symptoms this combined with lower abdominal stomach pain is a sign of appendicitis. This symptom is sometimes confused with a stomach bug.

Bloating and Gas

Having gas and indigestion for more than a few days especially if combined with constipation can indicate appendicitis. Of course occasional gas is completely normal but bloating and gas that just does not go away is not a good sign.

Rebound Tenderness

When pressure is placed on the lower right part of the abdomen and then released, experiencing pain is a symptom of appendicitis. Be sure to never continue to push on the abdomen if pain exist instead get to a Doctor as soon as possible.


Especially if combined with one or more of the above symptoms can be an indicator of appendicitis.

Painful Urination

When urinating if pain exist this can be a symptom of appendicitis.

Abdominal swelling

This is often a late symptoms and is usually seen when appendicitis is already complicated.

No Symptoms

There are some stories told of appendicitis not being noticed by the patient until a Doctor found it performing some other medical procedure this is totally false. If a patient has appendicitis they will know it, it is very painful and not easy to miss.

Appendicitis can be a very scary situation for anyone. Getting prompt medical attention is a must if any of the symptoms listed above are present is a very good idea but you can try some home remedies to get relief from appendicitis pain. Taking note of the above signs of appendicitis can help determine if it is time for a trip to the emergency room.

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Posted on: 13.05.2013 08:55

those are really the symptoms which can be to any woman if you won't take care of your self ,, i know your family is important part of your life but you also important for each of them ,, so thank you amanda for this informative article


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Great info, interesting way of writing. The way you describe is really easily understood. Keep write like this more often. All the best :)

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Hi i enjoy your Blog! The information is great keep it up. It is useful.


Posted on: 27.07.2013 18:04

Appendicitis is a very bad problem we know. Who has this problem, he/she has bad pain in bally. I have some knowledge about the problem. But in the blog i got some more information about appendicitis and specially i found some unknowable symptoms in appendicitis.


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