UV rays of sun affect our skin, whenever they touch it. Any spot on the skin whether it is of tan or burn is a confirmation that the damage to skin has been done. Sun spots, also known as Solar Lentigines, develop when sun rays reacts with the melanin of skin. These sunspots can affect any age group but if you have lighter skin then the chances of getting sunspot with sun exposure become very high.


The blood inside our body makes around 8 percent of our body weight. The main purpose of blood is to transport gases mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide. The blood is able to perform this function because of hemoglobin that it contains. Hemoglobin is a molecule made of mainly iron and protein. Oxygen carrying capacity of blood is directly proportional to hemoglobin content of blood.


Vitamins are not always great for skin health. If you think that after taking multivitamins you are doing something right then beware because it may turn out that these nutritional supplements are actually doing wrong effect on your skin.


It is well known that acne is caused by blocking of skin pores. Too much oil or oily skin facilitate the blockage of skin pores and result in acne. Vitamin E oil is used on skin to cure scar marks but some people wonder if they are really healing acne scars or making you get more pimples where it touch the skin.


Biotin is known for its role in promoting hair growth. It also plays a vital role in nail growth. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin B7 which is also known as Vitamin H. Does Biotin really promotes hair growth, people have different opinion based on their own experience.


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