Most of the people face swollen eyes or eyelids problem somewhere in their life. It can affect anyone at any age. It not only affect your appearance but also cause itching or redness around that area. Most of the times the causes of swollen eyes are not serious but you should not skip consulting with your doctor because it might be caused by some serious health problem.


It is common to have bad breath after wisdom tooth removal. If you have just had operation for wisdom tooth removal and noticing that you have bad smell from mouth, then don’t be panic because it happens with many people. There are many causes of bad breath after wisdom teeth removal and we are going to reveal those causes.


Migraine is a common neurological problem that affects millions of people all around the world of all ages and both sex male and female. Migraine is severe headache pain that usually begins one side but can be spread into both sides.


If you have ever faced the nasal congestion or stuffy nose problem, you know irritating and painful situation it is. Nasal congestion is very annoying condition and a symptom of allergies, cold, flue or upper respiratory infection.

reduce nervousness

Nervousness is a common problem that every people face in somewhere in life. Little nervousness at very stressful and intimidating circumstances is OK as it is a part of human nature but being nervous all the time is not good and impacts the life of person. Such person find it difficult to impress the interviewer or inspire the audience. They feel shaky and sweaty hands with no thoughts in mind on such times.


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