Heart palpitation is a common occurrence that causes quite uneasiness feeling because your heart start beating in quite unusual way than normal. It doesn’t mean that you surely have some problem related you your heart but it must be looked after because it could be result of some other health problem. Heart palpitation can also occur during being anxious, fearful, stressed or tired. Consuming too much alcohol or caffeine can also sometimes result in heart palpitation.


Vericella, commonly known as chickenpox is a common illness among children all over the world. It is caused by a virus known as Varicell-Zoster-Virus (VSZ). It is highly contagious and can spread through air by coughing or sneezing. It causes red itchy skin rashes and bumps all over the body which looks like insect bites or pimples.


Primary immunodeficiency is a disorder in which a part of our body immunity system does not work in a way in which it is supposed to work. Our body usually work in such a way that it gets rid of infection causing germs with time on its own but in some cases the body could not recover. This situation applies to the people suffering from primary immunodeficiency.


Shin splint is a painful condition of leg muscles which is very common in runners all around the world. Shin splint is a general term used in sports medicine that arises in between knee and ankles. Shin splints occur when the stress applied on the bone, muscles and joints of the body overpower the natural ability of the body to repair damage.


Lice are tiny wingless parasites with flattened body and oval head that live on human head. They are very common in small children. Some people say that lice live in clean hair and some suggest that they nest in dirty hair but there is no proof to support any claim.


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