injury claimClaiming compensation can often prove to be a costly business. Sometimes called conditional fee arrangements (CFAs), the ‘no win no fee’ solicitors make life much easier for those seeking compensation from third parties as a result of accidental injury.


Legal changes:

In April 2013 the government decided to move the goalposts and decreed that the winners of successful cases may have to receive reduced damages, as 25% of their award would be paid to the solicitor as a success fee. Those who visit the First Personal Injury website will see that if you win your case, the percentage will be carried out during the risk assessment process so that you’ll always be aware of any costs that may be deducted from your final settlement figure.

Clinical negligence changes:

Other changes introduced by the government still ensure that ‘no win, no fee’ is an attractive option. For example Legal Aid will not be allowed in medical cases other than those concerning labour and pregnancy, which means that any other clinical negligence claims will be beyond the means of most people. Therefore a ‘no win, no fee’ option will be the only way that anyone can make a claim against the medical profession. Medical cases are always complex and employ jargon and difficult terminology, by using a professional firm of personal injury lawyers, if you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence, you will be able to be compensated under the law.

CFAs changed the legal landscape:

‘No win, no fee’ or CFA’s first became popular in the UK in 1995 and were introduced to bring justice to all. Many people look to personal injury firms to receive justifiable compensation in cases of genuine injury and distress. Not all cases are successful, and only about 60% of compensation claims are awarded damages. When you first contact your solicitor, make sure you have as many facts as possible so that they will be able to assess your case in a fair and realistic manner. As a ‘no win no fee’ solicitor stands to put in a lot of work for little or no return, should the case fail, it’s in everyone’s best interests that all the intricacies of a case can be examined.

Exaggerated reports:

In recent years it’s become popular for commentators to make adverse comments about the firms that practice ‘no win, no fee.’ Vastly inflated figures are bandied about for compensation awards and insurance industry spokespeople are determined to set the record straight. When speaking about injury compensation, Malcolm Tarling of the Association of British Insurers has stated that awards are increasing because the population is living longer and those who have to put up with the debilitating effects of their injury for the rest of their lives, will suffer unless the compensation award takes this changing demographic into account. Commenting on the industry, Martin Bare, former president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers said ‘Any rise can be attributed to increased life expectancies being factored into awards for people who will need a lifetime of care and will not earn a salary.’

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